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Don Diebel
This week I want to focus on hints and clues single women leave that indicate that she may not be interested in you and it may be a waste of time pursuing her for love, romance, or a relationship.

Here's the first case scenario: I'm sure this has probably happened to you. You call a girl that you're very interested in to plan a date with her. The day that you suggest for your date, she says she can't make it because she has other plans.

Of course, she really might be busy that day and it's not an excuse to get out of seeing you. If she doesn't suggest another day to go out when she's free, then this suggests that she might not be interested in see you. If you suggest another day and she says she's busy for that day too, then it is almost a 100% chance she has no interest in you. You can still be persistent and keep bugging her for a date, but you might end up making a fool of yourself.

Here's the second case scenario: You get a date set up with this hot & sexy single woman you've been dying to go out with. She calls you at the last minute and cancels the date. Things can come up such as illness, family problems, car problems, etc.

But, when she calls and offers no apology and suggestions for a make-up date, then this can indicate that she really doesn't want to go out with you. You have been dumped! Welcome to the club. It happens to all of us guys. It's all part of the dating game.

If you get dumped or stood , don't dwell on it. Get over it! Forget about it and move on to the next woman. You'll find someone that's interested in you and won't play all those silly head games with you.

Don Diebel

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