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by Solomon
Compatibility is important in any successful relationship. This is not to say that you and your partner have to love even so things and be exactly alike. It is not a matter of having someone that is like a mirror image of yourself to share your free time with. In point of fact, if this were true, there would be issues from the beginning and the relationship would be doomed to failure.

You want to find a person that enjoys some of the same activities that you do. If both of you like completely different things, there is nothing for you to share when you lay out time together. It makes the time strained for one person or the other. It is in addition creates uneasiness and can create unhappiness ultimately. This will result in the long run of your relationship. It is perfectly suitable to like different things and have a successful relationship. Although, you cannot be completely opposite. There has to be some everyday ground so that you have things to do during your time together.

You will want a person that shares some characteristics with you. Of course you want them to keep their own personality and be their own person. The differences are essential for success. You will have bored if your both too much alike. You will also have conflict between yourselves when you get used to one another. There is nothing to add to the relationship. Both of you exist as one. You have to have some difference to discuss and add spice.

It is essential that individuals in bonds have similar ideals with reference to life and events in it. If you are religious, you would want to be with someone that shares religious values. If you have a wish to have a family group, then you would wish to be with a friend that likewise has a desire for family. With regards to life ideals, this is where compatibility is a must. There is nothing like finding a person and falling in love with them. You think that you are destined to be together. Then, you make up one's mind to move your relationship forward.

You have your idea of how things are going to be. Your partner all of a sudden crushes your hopes and dreams. They inform you that they don't need children or that they are not interested in the same things that you are. This will bring about a quick end to the relationship and can give you both devastated. You could also have feelings of resentment or betrayal toward the other person. It becomes a bad situation for everyone involved.

The best thing that you can do when dating is to locate someone that is compatible with you. Talk to them about what you like. If there is something that you are entirely against, make sure that they know that from the beginning. Tell them what you are searching for and what your ideal match would be like. Discuss features and personality traits. All of these things are important and can help you have a successful relationship.
by Solomon

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