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Here are 3 common reasons why most guys have a hard time attracting women and what YOU can do about it:

1. Most guys are just too passive when they approach a beautiful woman.

It's touch to try and change your mindset when it comes to how you approach beautiful women, but if you want to make sure that some attraction is there, then you need to be less passive and a little more aggressive and confident. Don't get it twisted and become too aggressive though, because that can be just as bad and sometimes worse than being too passive. You have to turn up the manliness and guess what? Men are not supposed to be the passive ones when it comes to making the approach.

2. Most guys end up shutting down and having NO conversation, OR, they end up babbling TOO much.

Neither extreme is a good thing. When you shut down and have nothing to say, then it looks like you are either timid or you have no social skills. Women dig confidence and they dig guys with social skills. When you babble on too much, it comes across as nervous banter, OR, it will just end up annoying her. Either way, you are not doing the most that you can to make her feel attracted to you. You have to be able to strike a balance and hold a conversation that is entertaining, allows her to participate, and does not have awkward silences.

3. Most guys just don't have a clue on how to attract women.

This is really at the core of most guy's struggles with women. For the most part, men are not really taught any specifics on how to attract women. No one really takes you by the hand and shows you what works and what does not work. Well, if you are never shown the right things, then how do you expect to have any success at all attracting a woman? You need to pick up as much real world experience and knowledge as you can, so that you can go out and have the upper hand when it comes to getting women.


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