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Stages of a Relationship

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Dia Thabet
Stages of a relationship and marriage

What are the stages that couples go through in their marriage and relationship? How can you deal with the arguments that occur in a marriage and a relationship?

In every relationship and every marriage, couples go through stages of a relationship and experience some differences. Some of those differences and arguments end quickly, others take longer to time to solve. In this article, I will mention three of these stages that couples experience in marriage.

To learn about the 3 stages of a relationship, follow the below steps:

1. Arguments in the first year-

When couples fight in the first year, usually each one of them brings in his or her customs and opinions that could be different from their spouse. Each side also could try to impose his personality on the other side, which usually leads to problems.

The best way to deal with such issues is to compromise and not to focus on things that will make the arguments get worse. Try to focus on the similarities and how you two resemble each other.

2. Jealousy and outside interferences-

In around the third year of marriage or a relationship, jealousy could occur in the relationship. The best way to deal with such issue is to not let jealousy get to you and not to let anyone from outside interfere in your relationship.

3. Friendship-

In around the fifth year of marriage or a relationship, the couples in the relationship will place a high value on friendship. Each person will be an open book in front of the other. Most women become preoccupied with the children and both sides might suffer boredom as life becomes more of a routine.

The best way to deal with this stage of a relationship is to make sure that you show more interest in your relationship by spending time together and strive to break the routine at least one a month.

Dia Thabet

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