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A Speed Dating Event

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Organizing a Speed Dating Event

The wonderful world of speed dating has recently soared in popularity and features a great option for women looking for partial encounters or long-term relationships.

It offers a way for women to meet a wider range of men and get an idea what kind of chemistry they may have with these men. If your local area that does not offer these types of events you can arrange and organize one yourself. Here's how you can get started.

To arrange a meet and match event placed the registration book in a public area that is easily accessible to any interested parties. For example malls restaurants, once you have gathered to names of at least 10 men and 10 women, decide on a date and time for the session to be held. Contact and inform all participants when this event will commence. if there are more than 10 couples allow each participant to meet more than 10 partners, so that the participants don't suffer from meet and match fatigue. You should choose one person as a facilitator to oversee the meet and match event. Prepare and off tables for at least two people and number each table. Issue a name tag and a number to each of the table participants. Invite the ladies who sit at their assigned table because they will be sitting at their table for the entire session. Speed dating can take quite a long time even though the rotation is fairly quick.

All participants will be notified if there is a match within two days of the meet and match session. From this point on, it is all up to them where their connection will lead. He should know what organizing meet and match sessions is a good idea when setting up the room to make sure that the next table was positioned in such a way that they cannot directly see the next participant that he will chat with. This is to ensure that the participants will focus their attention on the person that they are with. After the eight minutes participants have to decide immediately if they would like to take this person again. This is to prevent them from adopting a wait-and-see attitude and while doing so participant should not let the other party see the choices on their card. Participants should be sensitive to the other party's feelings. Outright rejection can be hurtful so please keep this mind if you are one of the participants.

On the dating card there should be a section to indicate if your date has been polite and respectful. If you are a facilitator and you come across a negative card, participants should not be allowed to take part in the next meet and greet session. You want to keep the meet and match event a pleasant and positive experience for everyone involved. There should not be any skipping of tables as it would be impolite to walk off during the event as it would embarrass a date. None of the participants should exchange phone numbers at the first meet and greet session. Within eight minutes, participants should optimize the time that they have to evaluate the date. If they have indicated that they would like to see the particular date again they should commit to at least contacting this person if it is a mutual match. Meet match events have gained steady popularity in Singapore as a fun and risk free way to meet other singles. Who knows, matches may be made by the meet and greet event that you organized.


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