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Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen
Ways to Meet New People for Introverted Personality

If youre just getting used to being an introvert in the singles scene, here are three ways to meet somebody new.

1. Tell your friends and family you're dating. Dating for introverts can be easier when people you know are introducing you to their friends and family. You wont be jumping into a nightclub or singles weekend retreat all by yourself. Dating for introverts should be a little softer and quieter than dating for extroverts.

2. Take a class or start a hobby. Nows the time to take a writing or cooking class. Explore the activities youve always been interested in, but havent pursued. The singles scene for shy men and women doesnt have to be obvious or embarrassing; it can be as simple as following your own natural interests.

3. Volunteer your time. Dating for introverts can begin with a genuine desire to help others: spending a few hours a week at a homeless shelter, hospital, or church with other volunteers is a great way to get to know people. Volunteering allows you to learn about your community and yourself in a whole new way and it could open up the door into some introvert love! Being an introvert in the singles scene can be helpful for the whole community!

These strategies will help introverted singles break the ice and feel more comfortable.

Start small. If it's your first date, make it a short coffee or walk. Dating for introverts is easier when there's less pressure, such as dinner at a fine French restaurant.

If you feel uncomfortable or nervous, talk about it. Voicing your feelings makes them less intimidating and often makes them much easier to handle.

Be yourself. Dating for introverts (or for anyone) is difficult when youre trying to be someone youre not. Let yourself be real.

Bring a list of conversation starters. Even just jotting down interesting things to talk about before your date will help spur interesting conversation during the date. Dating is easier when you've thought in advance about making small talk.

Dont overindulge in alcohol. Calm down with deep breaths and reminding yourself that your date is another human being with real feelings and may be just as nervous as you are!

Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

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