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John Wesdorp
The Law of Attraction Why is it that some men are attracted to blondes only and that some women go decidedly weak in the knees when spotting a broad shouldered man in uniform? The reason is that we all have our preferences and our attractions. Those different attractions are there to keep the human race going, otherwise we would all go for one stereotype partner and anybody looking different would be left out. Some attractions fall within the realms of fantasy, others are more unusual or outrageous and some are unusual enough to be called fetishes. One specific attraction stands out: More and more men admit their preference for curves and the fuller female figure. The "stick insect" super model has had her hungry day, The curvy women are taking the fashion world by storm. Bones are out and curves are in! As one of Britain's longest established dating websites, DatingBBW caters solely for British women of dress size 16 + and British men who adore their fuller figure. Comments from plus size women on that website include: “I don't have to hide my curves anymore”, “I did not know there were so many thousands of British men who prefer the fuller figure”, “I don't feel inadequate anymore or be ashamed of my attractive curves.” Many women who on "general" dating websites felt as if they had to apologise for their fuller figure felt liberated after joining DatingBBW. It appears that many more men prefer women with curves and curvaceousness is the key with DatingBBW. ( BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women otherwise known as plus size women or full figured women. The characteristics of a Big Beautiful Woman are: fitting a dress size 16 or over and have more curves than a bendy mountain road and looking like a real woman. There are many British men who feel repressed as they would love to go out with a curvy woman, unfortunately there is still peer pressure, pure prejudice or fear of being ridiculed that make them date slim girls, against their preference. One of DatingBBW’s many single men looking for curves remarked: When we still lived in caves, men became genetically primed to find full figured partners as the bigger women’s fuller breasts guarantee more food for their offspring and their wide hips make sure of easier childbirth. Although we are no longer cave dwellers, it is still the most natural thing to do for a man: to find a curvy full figured partner. DatingBBW have been in existence since the beginning of the last decade and they expect to be there for many years to come as slowly but surely BBWs are becoming more popular and men are prepared to date a BBW because they can now admit they find them much sexier and more attractive than any slim woman.

John Wesdorp

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