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Horoscope for 2010 Year

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ARIES: 2010 would be a positive year due to an inherent tendency to be dynamic and hard working in all aspects of life. You will find your level of motivation as well as ability to work hard would be good.

You will find your level of motivation as well as ability to work hard would be good.

Positive actions will help you overcome competition as work of enemies against you. You will find your actions would be more pronounced after the 14th January 2010. The period between 14th January 2010 to 31st January 2010 may would bring in high level of activity in career as well as people around you.....

TAURUS: 2010 is going to be a landmark year for you. Tangible gains might not be many but you will grow in stature as well as create new opportunities and values which would create progress and gains for the next few years.

This year will find your creative abilities at an high and there would be practical and rational ideas which will propel you to new heights. Your view points will be accepted with respect.

You should use this year to plan out concentrated activity and progress in the coming few years. Plans made now will bear fruit.

Children will achieve great amount of success now and rise in position, although you could find a gradual distance from children during .......

GEMINI: 2010 would see volatile trends in life, although level of luck will definitely rise. You are running through a period when your mind and thoughts patterns are definitely more unreliable than before. Due to this it would be advisable to avoid major decisions or changes in personal life as well as career now. You should use the counsel of a person you trust while taking major decisions at this point.

A new relationship or partnership will loom on the horizon now. There will be temptations in the mind too. Considering the events, new partnerships or associations should be thoroughly examined and if possible declined till early 2011.

Love life could be pursued, while if you are already married, this year should be handled carefully as.......

CANCER: 2010 brings positive trends for you. Life will empower you more and you will find yourself more assertive than in previous years. However there is a tendency to be over aggressive and difficult for people around you in the first half of the year.

The year will begin with an aggressive state of mind as well as proneness to anger and unnecessary fights. Period between 1st January 2010 to 10th March 2010 could be very volatile. Try to work on avoiding conflicts and losing your temper.

Focus on career would be high. It would however be useful not to get fixated or obsessive about work. Chances of injury exist too and adequate care should be taken during January and February 2010.

Hard work and your efforts to make things happen would bring progress and success. There would be gains due to your willingness to experiment and network.....

LEO: 2010 would bring some trial and challenges, although there would be multiple opportunities and gains too.

The year will begin with a period of higher aggression and stress for you. Level of expenses will rise and there could be chances of losing money due to wrong investment decisions between 1st January and 10th March 2010.

You need to control investment, enforce financial planning and avoid speculation of any kind. Anger should be controlled at all times. The period is intense till 10th March 2010 but will continue till 26th May 2010.

Family life could see distances due to your preoccupation with work as well as sharp speech at times.

Finances could shrink and some shortages due to a recent investment or monetary commitment come about. Both family and financial issues could come up more......

VIRGO: 2010 would bring changes in life overall. The changes would mostly be subtle and personal in nature rather than open and visible to the public eye.

You might experience pressure from competitions, distant family and health issues after the 14th January 2010 till end May 2010.

Level of pressure and stress could rise. You will be more creative but personal pressures at home and work environment will increase. Health could suffer due to carelessness and increased pressure.

You should ensure you do not take major decisions or risks during the 14th January to 31st May 2010 period. It would be useful to consider this year as a learning phase. Hardships and hurdles crossed now will bring in much progress.....

LIBRA: 2010 will bring with it some challenges as well new opportunities. You will experience new avenues will open up and status will rise. At the same time existing work and opportunities could dip this year. It will be useful to remain conservative in money matters.

The year will commence with a hyperactive phase in career. You will find an exceptional level of dynamism in your actions and there would be growth due to your hard work.

However such progress would be marked with volatility and a certain amount of unreliability. You should not carry out any major changes in career nor take any risks as such, till 10th March 2010.

Financial issues will remain the determining factor for your actions while partners and associates will also dominate till 25th May 2010. This year will see vibrancy ....

SCORPIO: Mixed trends will operate during 2010. You will enter into a powerful phase this year and there will be growth due to multiple factors now.

The year however will start in a confused and volatile state mind due to lack of clarity and focus in your ideas. There will be rise in level of your luck and new opportunities could come due to hard work as well as unexpected sources. This volatile phase will last till the 10th March 2010 and there will be gainful phase thereafter till 25th May 2010. Career will pickup tremendously thereafter.

You will find growth due to support of family, friends and your efforts this year. Gains will also become higher as the year progresses.

Uncertain and volatile trends could commence.....

SAGITTARIUS: 2010 would bring with it some challenges and hurdles although your confidence level will be restored to the pre 2009 levels.

The year could open up with pressures on health. Latent anger would be high and you might be more aggressive than normal during this phase till 25th May 2010. The period till 10th March 2010 would be particularly challenging and there could be instances of loss of temper and conflicts due to your own impatience. A steady control over your temper is needed in the first quarter of the year.

Health issues, if chronic could come up and cause concern till 10th March 2010. Do not ignore any ailment. Blood and bone related issues could cause concern. Improvement will come steadily after June 2010 commences.

Career will experience differing views. There will be more responsibility but pressure on superiors will rise.

Pressures and hurdles in career will rise from the 14th January 2010 and will remain till 31st May 2010. You should be careful that your actions remain legal and on the correct......

CAPRICORN: 2010 will see a mix of positive and negative trends, although positive trends will outweigh the negative ones.

The year will commence with a rise in financial position and a sudden jump in your expenses. This is a period of caution and you should take care that wasteful expenses do not neutralize your gains.

Joint areas of life will experience hurdles. Relations with spouse could experience turbulence and excessive aggression. Spouse could be in a difficult state of mind and not easy to handle. Aggression will be high till 25th May 2010 but period till 10th March 2010 could be quite difficult.

Avoid sudden or major decisions ....

AQUARIUS: 2010 would see vibrant trends in work as well as finances, although personal life and matters could look downwards.

You will find your thinking and mental capabilities will expand now. The period till 1st May 2010 will see a maturing of your perspective while there would be increase in your knowledge and practical experience.

These experiences would help you progress and gain in the next few years. Your focus would be more progress and growth marked now. Beyond 2nd May 2010 is a positive period for finances. There would be a sudden rise in income and inflows would come in from various sources.

Family life will be happy and fulfilling during this period. Some changes in financial patterns could come in after the 24th July 2010. You should take up the challenges if any, but avoid any rash action in money matters. Speech could be erratic, try to avoid offending anyone.

You will find yourself dynamic......

PISCES: 2010 will bring some challenges and unexpected events. Further opposition to your ideas could also cause concerns. It would be a useful strategy during this year to avoid planning too much or be fixated on certain ideas. Events could happen unexpected and plans might change more than once now.

The year will open with a high dose of aggression. Mind will be angry and unsettled. Your decision making ability could be below average now. You should focus on not getting aggressive and avoiding confrontation till 25th May 2010.

The period till 10th March 2010 is quite volatile and therefore extra care is required.

Investment should be avoided and speculation of any sort is totally prohibited. Improvement after the 10th March 2010.


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