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Jon Henshaw
We use love to describe a diverse range of feelings and pleasures; "I love my car," "We made love," "I love you." Greek and Latin terminology divides love into several different words that describe each type of love:

* Eros: Sexual Love

* Ludis: Flirtatious Love

* Philo: Brotherly Love

* Storge: Friendship Love

* Pragma: Logical Love

* Mania: Smothering Love

* Agape: Divine Love

Although several types of love play an important role in marriage, it's Agape love that acts as "relationship glue". Agape love is often described as, "Self-sacrificing love. Altruistic love that is experienced by people willing to do things for another person with no expectations."

In marriage, Agape love is a commitment to love your spouse, even when you don't feel like it.

Agape Love helps keep marriages together by:

* Not giving up on each other during difficult moments

* Maintaining fidelity when you're attracted to another person

* Compromising, and not always getting your way

* Showing respect; not belittling, berating or ignoring your spouse

* Being attentive to your spouse's needs and feelings

One key to establishing and maintaining Agape love in your relationship is mutual giving. If both partners choose to offer self-sacrificing love, both will receive it.

Jon Henshaw

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