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Sofie De Cocker
Dates can be very traditional and predictable. Why not choose more creative dating ideas like discovering caves, reading to each other from a beautiful book or going for a canoe ride at night? These ideas will surely impress that dream guy or girl!

Plus, the unique dating ideas below all have one thing in common: they focus on activities to do together and the possibility of really getting to know each other. They are also very cheap date ideas or even free date ideas. Off course, going to the movies can be nice, but its not a great opportunity to learn more about the interests of that dream guy or dream girl and it's not so creative.

Creative Romantic Dates

Read to each other: Who said reading was not sexy? Light a lot of candles, put some snacks and drinks on the table and get that favorite book or poem out of the closet. Couples can then read beautiful poems and chapters from their favorite books to each other. Try to guess how the books end or play a scene from the book. Fun guaranteed!

Take funny and romantic pictures: Head over to some nice locations and take funny pictures of each other. Once this is done, ask by-passers to take pictures while you are holding each other or staring into each others eyes. Don't like strangers taking these romantic pictures? Then bring a tripod and make them yourself! Have the nicest pictures printed and hang them on the refrigerator door.

Write letters: Both take a piece of paper, a pen and an envelope and go sit in different rooms. Write a love letter and be as honest as possible. Don't be afraid to sound corny. Seal the letters and exchange. Couples can decide to read the letter immediately, but it's much more fun to agree to keep the letters unopened for one year and then read them.

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Sofie De Cocker

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