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Keys to a Happy Marriage

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Jerold Aust
Keys to a Happy Marriage

Many would have you believe that the marital union is archaic and unnecessary. Yet mankind's Creator designed marriage as the ideal relationship for men and women. What fundamental principles can you practice to build a happy marriage?

Shannon was a beautiful young woman whose striking good looks were surpassed only by her inner beauty and character. The first time Paul saw her was shortly after work one day, when fellow coworkers met to play volleyball.

Paul had played volleyball with the group for a few weeks, but he had never seen Shannon there until that particularly balmy evening. That day Paul was enjoying a more competitive game with the men. Unexpectedly, two young women walked up and asked if they might join in the next game. The men readily agreed.

When Paul saw Shannon he knew why the men had immediately agreed. His heart raced when she smiled at him. For a moment Paul couldn't think, though he instinctively smiled back. But his mind was no longer on the game of volleyball, as his unusual play indicated. Everyone except Paul seemed to know why he was making so many uncharacteristic mistakes.

But it was no mistake when Paul asked Shannon for a date. Soon they began wanting to spend more and more time together. So far it was an exciting storybook romance. But as they began to think about life together, they each knew they wanted more than just a fleeting romance in a world of divorce and marital discontent.

Their shared belief in God led them to seek counsel from a minister about how to prepare for a lasting, happy marriage. They committed themselves to keeping God at the center of their marriage.

About a year after they met they were married. Shannon had an inner beauty that proved to be the dream of Paul's life. She was pleasant, thoughtful, supportive, encouraging and a good conversationalist who genuinely loved people.

Shannon proved to be a devoted wife and mother extraordinaire. They built a happy marriage and began to raise a loving family. And yet, as fairy-tale as this story seems, it came to pass because of one important factor: They made God the deciding factor in their marriage. Because of that, in the good times and the bad, their love and commitment continued to grow.

Jerold Aust

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