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Sandra Prior
Sometimes you can spend six months living, breathing, dripping, drooling, loving and lusting after someone with zero result. And it's when that happens that the techniques which follow suddenly seem like a gift from heaven.

Now, pay attention because this is the tricky bit. Just when you're convinced you've won them over and they like you, start being a little less available. And then even less, until they hardly see you at all. You've now effectively instigated the 'law of scarcity'. We all know this one: people want what they can't have and by constantly being available, you diminish your value. If every time you walked outside your front door there was a huge pile of diamonds to step over, you'd hardly see them as precious would you?

The law of scarcity says don't be at their beck and call. This will make them fancy you. Be around and then not around and they'll fancy you and like you. I'm stating the obvious here but liking someone is important. We talk loads about chemistry, passion, sexual attraction, and even more about love, yet 'like' rarely gets a look in. Opposites don't attract long-term - we search for similarities in a partner. Most of us can't see the point of hanging around friends we don't like, why do it with a lover? Liking someone is more important long-term than actually loving them. It's not just similarities in our personalities that count.

Did you know that if you go out with someone who looks like you, they're four times more likely to fall in love with you? 'That's so true', said a girlfriend, when I told her this trivia titbit. 'Look at my sister and her husband' Umm - why? Lisa's sister has bleach-blonde hair, freckles, and ivory skin. Her husband is Indian. 'I'm not quite with you.' I said carefully. 'I know it's not obvious,' she said, 'but it's the proportion of their faces. His mother came up to me at their wedding and said 'They will be happy because they are the same. Look at them.' And it's true. They have the same features, in the same places, in the same proportions.

Sandra Prior

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