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Jessica Strul
Women share the most helpful relationship advice their mothers ever gave themfrom how to woo a man and marry him to how to ditch him for good and, yes, even go all the way with him.

Former nerds make the best husbands.

My mom said that the guys who were nerdy in high school are the ones who make the best husbands. I wasnt sure about that until I met Todd, my longtime boyfriend. A self-proclaimed dork as a teen, he is also romantic, caring and completely charming with the ladiestraits he probably developed in high school while the cool kids were busy acting like jerks.

Date at your own pace.

My mom told me that I should never compare my relationship with my friends relationships. About five of my girlfriends got engaged within six months of one another, and I started wondering what was wrong with me. Was it OK that I didnt feel ready to marry my boyfriend of two years? Did that mean I didnt really love him? My mom said, You cant put yourselfor the relationshipon a time line because of the way another relationship has progressed.

My mother always used to tell me to follow my gut when it came to guys and relationships. A few years ago, I was dating this guy for about six months, and even though things were getting pretty serious, it just started to feel like he wasnt right for me. We went to a party and we didnt talk the entire night. We werent in a fightwe just had more fun hanging out with other people. That showed me that my gut feeling was right, just like my mom had said.

Jessica Strul

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