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Ian Lee
Find A Workout Partner

If you've ever trained seriously, you've probably had days where you just felt like dropping your training routine altogether. By the time you finish work, it's dark and rainy outside, and on top of that, it's your leg-training day -- not too encouraging, is it?

A great way to stay motivated and to stick to your schedule is to team up with a reliable training partner. motivationFor one, training with a partner will help you stick to a schedule, which will minimize the number of workouts you skip. There's nothing better than a little commitment to help you stick to an agenda. If someone's expecting you to show up at the gym at a certain time, you won't stand them up because it's disrespectful -- right?

Good training partners will also help each other push their limits. Like with everything else in life, a little competition helps people strive to do their best.

assistanceIf you want to grow as a bodybuilder, you'll need a spotter when lifting heavy weights. Getting that last rep in is crucial to building muscle mass, and it will give you a great sense of accomplishment.

Having a partner readily available to spot you is reassuring, and you'll avoid having to ask a stranger. You'll particularly appreciate a good spotter when you're training your chest, shoulders and legs.

A knowledgeable partner will also give you valuable training tips and correct your form when necessary. Build a good rapport and ensure you take each other's advice and criticism constructively.

Ian Lee

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