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Vatche Bartekian
self-fulfilling prophecy

For many, their beliefs dictate their actions and attitudes toward life. Since attitude plays such a large part in how you feel, you must monitor your beliefs, evaluating each one to see if it works for or against you. Your own level of optimism reflects the way you think about life and the world around you. If you feel the need to be a bit more optimistic, you might want to do the following:

Be less ambiguous

Never deal with ambiguous situations as if they were not. Always take things for what they are. For example, when gambling at the casino, have in mind that you are voluntarily putting yourself in a situation where the odds say you will lose some (or all) of your money.

The optimist, however, recognizes this fact and gambles knowing -- and accepting -- he mind end up losing $100. Furthermore, when facing these ambiguous situations, negative interpretations may lead to depression.

Think in color

Optimists think in color, pessimists do not. Be more open-minded to new ideas and situations. Stop arguing your way through life, and start enjoying the thoughts and opinions of others.

Personale things

Optimists rarely take things personally; criticism is usually taken with a grain of salt. They always, however, appreciate good feedback and always look at bettering themselves.

View things as changeable

Optimists realize that change is a good and necessary thing. They harbor an attitude of adaptability to this ever-changing world.

Think specifically

Optimists tend to deal with specific problems in order to come to a general solution, instead of responding to global issues with general solutions.

think distractions

Don't dwell on bad events, at least not immediately after they occur. If your boss fires you or you fail an important exam, my recommendation is to do something pleasurable that will distract you from your troubles.

I recommend pleasurable activities, as thinking about problems in a negative frame of mind will only result in fewer solutions.

By boosting your mood and self-esteem, people with pessimistic tendencies can break their cycle and free themselves to think more creatively. It takes most people a few weeks to get the knack, but once the technique is learned, they are less likely to relapse.

To find out if you are truly an optimist or a pessimist, go to, and take the online test. It's quick and lots of fun. You might even learn a thing or three about yourself.

Vatche Bartekian

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