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To Be An Optimist

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Vatche Bartekian
"It's your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude." -- Zig Ziglar

We've all heard the classic adage, "Is the glass half empty or half full?", but we may not realize the true power of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. It can have a far-reaching influence on everything from our day-to-day lives and selection of mate, to our career choice and long-term success.

voices in your head

That little voice in the back of your mind that whispers, anything is possible instead of it's just not possible , or what a great day instead of life bites serves as a light that can guide you through the twists and turns of life's hardships.

A pure optimist is a rare, and often disliked person. We scoff at those who are continually chipper and upbeat, and barely blink an eye at bad weather or the coffee shortage in the office. How can they not, we wonder, see the world for what it is -- full of unpleasant annoyances and injustices?

Well, the truth is they realize that the earth and its people are flawed, but they simply choose to focus on the good things. And this outlook brings great benefits; better health, more energy, creativity, problem-solving abilities, the facility to hang in there, and an overall sense of happiness.

So, can we turn on a little optimism switch in our minds and suddenly see the silver lining in every cloud? Unfortunately, it's not that simple -- but there are ways to practice positivity so that it becomes a natural response, and develop techniques to diminish negativity.

Take the Optimism Test at the end of this article, and become aware of any tendencies you may have towards negativity and how to take steps towards improving your outlook on things.

your health depends on it

Optimists are more resistant to infectious illnesses and are better at fending off chronic diseases. In one study, researchers looked at 96 men who had their first heart attack in 1985. Within eight years, 15 of the 16 pessimistic men died of a second heart attack, but only five of the 16 optimistic men died.

It is widely believed nowadays that optimism increases your immune system's ability to fight off diseases. It could be because optimists have the lowest level of stress amongst the general population. And we all know that less stress means a healthier body.

Vatche Bartekian

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