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Infidelity - This one is hard habit to break. Any man or woman wants their partner to be someone they can trust, who will stand by them in good times and bad. If you have a history of relationships that have ended because you can't remain faithful to a person - both emotionally and physically, it could be the cause of you ending up alone in the long run. Infidelity is not a trait that any man or woman would accept in their partner.

High strung

If you are, make it point to indulge in activities that will calm you down. Try practising yoga or exercising to release any excess energy. If you are nervous and easily get upset, your patner might feel you're too high maintenance on an emotional level. Yes, everybody tends to feel anxious and nervous occasionally, but if it is a chronic condition, get it treated.

Just difficult

You need to negotiate if you want to play the game. Don't be too rigid about your stand on the issues - emotional and professional. Like other relationships in your life, you must learn to reach middle-ground when you are romantically involved with someone. If you always want to take the lead and not make the slightest adjustment, your partner might just look for someone who will.


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