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Breakup Letters To Get Him/Her Away From You Fast!

Heres the scenario:

You've dated.... You thought he/she was a good catch and now (for whatever reason or maybe for no reason at all) you want to end the relationship.

But how do you break the news gently to that person that was once so special?

We say "Who Cares?"

Do it fast, spare no feelings. Just like tearing a band-aid off your arm, do it quickly with no regard for how it will feel. The only people that need to be let down gently are rock climbers and only when they are on the side of a cliff!

Tell them you're breaking up in one quick motion using any one (or more!) of our suggested "Break Up Letters".

Guaranteed to get your point across with a maximum of heartache (theirs, not yours) and a minimum of involvement (yours, not theirs).

The rule is "Your breakup conversation should last less than 10 seconds" and we are here to make the rule stick!

Dear XXXX,

I was having an off day when we met. It got worse when I thought that you were someone special, someone that I could learn to love.

Now I know better. Its not only your feet that smell.

Please dont email me, call or write. Ever.


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